Persimmon Products

Dried Persimmon
Cheongdo Bansi (persimmon)

Cheongdo Bansi is a soft, sweet, and seedless persimmon high in moisture. It is very delicious and good for the prevention of colds and tooth decay, and the alleviation of hangover as it is abundant in vitamin A, B1, B2, and C.

- Packaging unit: 1.5kg, 5kg, 10kg
- Available time: September to December

Dried Persimmon
Dried / half dried persimmon (Geonsi/ Ban-geonsi)

Cheongdo Bansi is a seedless persimmon high in natural sugar. It contains a lot of ingredients good for health, and is a perfect specialty, the pride  of Cheongdo. It is recognized for its quality, both at home and abroad. It is exported as far as America.

- Packaging unit: 250g, 500g, 1kg, 1.8kg
- Available time: all through the year

Sliced and Dried Persimmon
Cut and dried persimmon (Gam Mallaeng-i)

This is a persimmon cut into two to four pieces, dried and matured in clean air and sunshine. This is a snack anyone can enjoy. It is particularly good for slowing aging and preventing colds.

- Packaging unit: 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg
- Available time: all through the year

Ice Ripe Persimmon
Frozen soft persimmon (Ice Hongsi)

This is a frozen seedless persimmon with soft flesh and high sugar content. It can be a healthy alternative ice cream in summer. It is abundant in vitamins and minerals, and is a representative health food.

- Packaging unit: 4 to 6 persimmons, 12 persimmons, 24 persimmons
- Available time: all through the year

Persimmon Wine
Persimmon Wine

This is a white wine, which is popular both for its fragrance and taste. It is abundant in tannin, and good for preventing heart disease and slowing aging. For this reason, it is enjoyed the more often. It was selected as dinner wine for the 2005 APEC summit in Busan. It was also chosen as dinner wine to celebrate the inauguration of the 18th president of Korea.

- Packaging unit: 375㎖, 750㎖ 
- Available time:  all through the year

Persimmon Vinegar
Persimmon Vinegar

This is rich-flavored vinegar naturally fermented and matured using 
well-ripe Cheongdo Bansi (soft persimmon) with high natural sugar content.

- Packaging unit: 375㎖, 750㎖, 900㎖ 
- Available time: all through the year

Persimmon Korean Snack
-Persimmon Korean cookies( Gam Han-gwa)

This is made of Korean sticky rice and persimmons in a traditional way. It is soft and crisp with persimmon flavor.

- Packaging unit: 600g, 1kg
- Available time: all through the year

Persimmon Leaf Tea
Persimmon leaf tea

The vitamin C in persimmon leaves increases immunity, promotes blood circulation, and helps in preventing high blood pressure, artery hardening, dementia, and stroke.

- Packaging unit: 40g 
- Available time:  all through the year

Cheongdo bansi
Persimmon chocolate

This is the first persimmon chocolate in Korea. Cheongdo Bansi is dried  through vacuum freeze-drying, and finely ground. This persimmon powder is added to make persimmon chocolate. The taste and nutrients of Cheongdo Bansi are in harmony with mild chocolate.

- Packaging unit : 15 psc, 27 pcs, 30 pcs 
- Available time : all through the year

Cheongdo bansi
Persimmon cosmetics

The cosmetics made of persimmons have been approved by the Korea Intellectual Property Office and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It is recognized for its functionality and safety. Cheongdo Bansi contains various beneficial elements such as moisture, fiber, vitamins, and tannin, and is good for skin beauty. A wide range of products have been developed and manufactured: basic cosmetics, functional cosmetics, sleeping massage packs, and health beverages.

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Persimmon and Grain Powder Food
Seonsik: ground mixture of grains with persimmon

This is a finely ground mixture of ten grains and dried persimmons  produced in Cheongdo. It has balanced nutrients and is good both for breakfast, and as a meal substitute for sick people.

- Packaging unit: 500g, 1kg, 40gX15 packets
- Available time: all through the year

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