Doenjang, Cheonggukjang

“Jin Bae-Gi” Soy Beams, Cheonggukjang
Jinbaegi Doenjang and Cheonggukjang

Products by Jinbaegi bring out a savory taste and the exclamation, “That’s it” every time they are cooked. They are so good that you will want to eat them all the time.
- Items: soybean paste, soybean sauce, red pepper paste, Ssamjang(blended soybean paste and red pepper paste), cheonggukjang  (paste),  cheonggukjang powder,  cheonggukjang grain, and  cheonggukjang pill

- Packaging unit: soybean paste(450g, 1.1kg), soybean sauce(900㎖, 1.8ℓ),       Cheonggukjang paste(150g, 250g)

“Heo Sin-ja” Traditional Cheonggukjang
Heo Shin-ja Traditional Cheoggukjang

This is traditional Cheoggukjang made of beans produced only in Cheongdo. It is fermented in a room of yellow soil, Hwangto, transforming into health food.

- Packaging unit: 500g, 1kg

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