Hanjae Water Parsley

Taste the green fragrance of spring

Hanjae Village is located at the south-eastern hillside of Mt. Namsan and Mt. Hwaaksan. This village produces water parsley, accounting for 10% of all the water parsley produced across the country, and is famous for growing water parsley. The parsley is grown in clean water from 933m-high Mt. Hwaaksan and a 200m- deep bedrock. This parsley is certified for chemical-free quality,  well known as a clean and pure vegetable. In spring, Hanjae Village is a tourist attraction crowded with people who come from all over the country in order to taste Hanjae water parsley in season.

Hanjae Minari Watercress

Pyeongyang-ri, Cheongdo-eup Cheongdo-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do
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