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The symbol

Cheongdo CI
Overall, it refers to Cheongdo people’s strong spirit and passion for the future, and development and growth of Cheongdo
The red on the right and left sides form horns and symbolize Cheongdo’s bull fighting
The green and blue oval symbolizes Cheongdo’s green mountains and clean rivers, rich nature, and persimmons and peaches, Cheongdo’s special products
The red oval is combined with the English logo to symbolize Cheongdo’s bull fighting and bullring and to express the harmonious community in Cheongdo.
Town Brand Meaning
- Pastoral area of freshness
- Pleasant life with songs resounding
- Place where all pure dreams come true in a bright future
Design Meaning
The design is generally made up of letters which are bright, cheerful and rhythmical.
The 'S' in the design symbolizes heaven, earth and humanity, and indirectly represents Cheongdo in a shape of water flowing with three pure things: mountains, water and the mind of people.
The color of the design is a bright and clean green which represents the future vision of Cheongdo, the best pastoral town in the world.
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