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Citizen's Charter

All sharing in the county administration Renewed Cheongdo leaping forward

Cheongdo, a town of three pure things: mountains, water and the mind of people is a good place where people of clean and just mentality never covet what others possess.
The land of Cheongdo, the cradle of the Saemaul Undong and Hwarang Spirit takes pride in the ancestors' noble traces come alive.
Thus, this charter is born of the county people's will in order to contribute to the development of the nation and the mutual prosperity of mankind by sublimating the ancestors' spirits and wisdom into brilliant tradition, and making Cheongdo more and more prosperous.


The monument of the Charter of Cheongdo-gun People
The monument of the Charter of Cheongdo-gun People
  • We shall realize our selves by working diligently with sound mind and sound body.
  • We shall do great good through loyalty, filial piety, manners, fidelity, diligence, self-help, sharing, service, and creativity.
  • We shall embellish, improve and hand down the magnificent cultural assets inherited from the ancestors.
  • We shall love nature, conserve environments and make the land blessed.
  • We shall do justice and our duties, contributing to the peace of the county, the nation, and the world.
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